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Experienced trainers will help you achieve your goals with the most effective tools and latest knowledges. 

Kinesis Training

Kinesis is 3D movement by FullGravity™ Technology. Kinesis enables progressive functional training made possible thanks to an exclusive selection of unintimidating equipment designed around human movement.


Conditioning training is extremely beneficial to improve bodily functions and reduce possibilities of injuries. It is to improve balance and strength back for a fitter living

all-level customization

FITOKIO offers customized personal training programs according to your current fitness level.

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Japanese Trainer

GAHIKO,  a rugby athlete of 25yrs and an experienced personal trainer, will be by your side through out your fitness journey. 

Nutrition Guidance

Healthy eating is important in achieving a fit body. Dedicated trainers can advise you on the RIGHT food choices.


We will put you at the center of programs. It is “YOU” we focus our full attention on. Let us provide the best, fresh fitness experience. 

Meet Our Trainers

Gahiko Mori

Gahiko Mori

Fitness Manager

B.H.Sc. Psychology & Physical Science Active rugby player for 25 years.

He has worked in Singapore for 9 yrs before coming to Malaysia.

He has personal focus in diet and bulk up, maintaining attractive physique. Whether you want to lose weight or training for a competition, he will be able to develop a training plan to suit your needs.


Fathia Azhar

Fathia Azhar


Diploma & bachelor in sport science and sport management (Hons), with 7yrs experience in fitness industry.

Specialize in weight lost, functional training, kickboxing, agility training, crossfit & stretching.

Former state representative in Kayak & rowing.
Currently Active in futsal & football. My passion is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible.

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